Kohunlich is a Mayan archeological site located in the south of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

The name derives from a corruption of the word “Cohune Ridge” , Cohune is a palm tree common to the area. Kohunlich is the “mayanized” version.
Kohunlich used to be known as Clarksville when the British had control over this area.

The ruins are dating to the pre classic period (100-200 AD) and the early classic (300-600 AD).

The site covers a large area and features several mounds that are still unexcavated. The original city was extremely elaborated, featuring, pyramids, citadels, courtyards and plazas. Te center was probably a regional stop on the trading routes between Yucatan, Campeche, Belize and Guatemala.

The most recognizable construction on the site is the Temple of the Masks, a pyramid with a central stairway flanked by huge stucco masks of the sun god. Of the eight original masks only two are intact today.

KohunlichKohunlichKohunlich Plaza Of The Stele from under the Tamarind Tree

The site features a 42m long ball court and several other constructions.

What I find to be most striking is the vegetation enveloping everything and the hundreds of perfectly beautiful palm trees counterpointing with the ancient buildings. The site is overwhelmingly green. Everywhere you look you get the quintessential feel of exoticness.



Getting there:

The site is located near the Bacalar Lagoon and it’s a perfect half a day excursion wether you’re staying in Bacalar or in the fantastic Explorean Hotel, located a few meters before the entrance to the archeological site.