La Feria de Cordoba

On the Way to the Feria de Cordoba

Also known as Feria de Nuestra Señora de la Salud (Our Lady of Health) or simply as Feria De Mayo, the festival takes place in the last week of May, right outside the city of Cordoba in Spain.

Everything happens inside a perimeter called El Real de Arenal, which means the area with sand.

It’s similar to the Feria of Sevilla, people gather, eat, dance and drink in the casetas, small tents raised for the occasion every year.

Puerta del Puente, Cordoba

The feria is much smaller than the Sevilla’s Feria, about one tenth.

The origins of the festival go back to the year 1284 in which King Don Sancho IV gave the privilege to the Cordoba Council to organize such fair.