Amangiri (peaceful mountain) is located on 600 acres in Canyon Point, Southern Utah, close to the border with Arizona. The resort is tucked into a protected valley with sweeping views towards the Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument. Built around a central swimming pool with spectacular views, the resort blends into its dramatic surrounds where deep canyons and towering plateaus create a raw landscape of immense power. Amangiri’s Aman Spa features a floatation therapy pavilion, water pavilion with sauna, steam room, cold plunge and step pool, fitness centre and yoga pavilion.

One of the 24 amazing Aman Resorts properties. The design is the work of I-10 Studio (resulting from a collaboration between Marwan Al-SayedWendell Burnette Architects and Rick Joy) and Adrian Zecha, the visionary founder of Aman Resorts, who made sure the final product was in line with the special qualities of Aman Hotels and in line with it’s clients expectations.

I-10 made a 150 high rock the center of the hotel design, they surrounded it with a beautiful pool and stemmed from it the two wings containing the guest rooms.

Arriving at the properties is a somehow cinematic experience: you drive on highway 89, the landscape is beautiful, on one side Lake Powell and on the other amazing rock formations, mesas and buttes. Then a turn on a very unassuming desert road, another turn and you are in a small valley surrounded by beautiful rock formations and orange yellow sand. A rusty gate with an intercom. The gate opens and you get deeper in to a small grey rocks canyon. All of sudden you find yourself in front of a razor sharp polished concrete plaza, preceded by a minimalistic evergreen arboreal installation. The beautiful pool dominating in the background. You’ve have arrived at Amangiri.

The 34 guest suites open up to the desert floor, they all feature retractable doors leading to a small patio area and an enclosed fireplace. The idea of gathering around a luxury campfire is a recurring theme troughout the Hotel.

Everything is beautifully designed, polished cement and wood accents, straight lines, minimal, elegant. The beds are incredibly comfortable and placed so that you face the open desert trough the big glass door. The shower/tub area also sports breathtaking  desert views.

The common outdoor areas are spectaculars: a fee apple trees, beautiful water features and more concrete walls, intersecting with each others and creating razor sharp view points, where the desert sand and the blue sky are perfectly framed.

There is NO MAN MADE BACKGROUND NOISE. No cheesy lounge music, this ain’t Costes…and I’m grateful there still someone in the world that thinks guests should not be bombarded with bad music 24/7. The cars are picked up by hotel personnel and moved to a building a mile away. As a result your views are never polluted or interrupted. It’s just the guests, the Hotel and the desert.

We stayed at Amangiri in 2010 and 2013. Service was impeccable. The food served in the restaurant was good, but not excellent in 2010. In 2013 everything we sampled from the menu was excellent. It felt like the level and selection of dishes were kicked up a few notches.

Hotel Details:


At the centre of the resort is the Pavilion, with dramatic views of rock formations and the swimming pool to one side and panoramic views of the surrounding plateaus to the other. Within the Pavilion are the Living Room, Gallery, Library, Dining Room, Private Dining Room and Cellar.


living room

The Living Room is located in three spacious alcoves which enjoy sweeping views. Protected by glass walls, each alcove is divided into two cosy seating areas that focus on a wood-burning fireplace. Whilst the view during the day is larger than life, in the evening the drapes are drawn to create an intimate environment.



The Gallery showcases the region’s best art, jewellery and handicrafts including works from the Navajo community. The Gallery also offers a range of destination books, resort wear and conveniences available for purchase.


Situated on an elevated plinth in the centre of the Pavilion is the Library. A series of extended sofas is punctuated with ledges filled with books, magazines and board games – the ideal space for daytime relaxing or after dinner drinks. While wireless internet access is available throughout the public areas and suites, the Library also offers a laptop for guest use.


Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Dining Room features floor-to-ceiling glass doors which open onto the outdoor dining terrace overlooking the swimming pool. A focal point of the Dining Room is the open kitchen with its wood-fired oven imparting a unique flavour and rustic authenticity to Amangiri’s cuisine. The menu changes frequently, driven by locally-sourced seasonal produce. The Dining Room offers the ambience of a private residence with informed and attentive service.


private dining room and cellar

Located opposite the open kitchen is the Private Dining Room and the Wine Cellar. The felt-clad Private Dining Room with large wooden table and open fireplace seats up to ten people. Ideal for private gatherings, the large wooden doors can remain open so guests can experience the open kitchen or they can be closed for privacy. Next to the Private Dining Room is a walk-in Wine Cellar. The floor-to-ceiling walnut cabinets house a selection of wines, and a built-in, state-of-the-art wine dispenser offers guests the opportunity to experience unique and artisinal wines by the glass. Housed in the Cellar is a humidor for guests who enjoy a fine cigar. Featuring an elevated tasting table, the Cellar is temperature controlled to provide the ideal storage conditions for fine wines.


The 2,322-square metre (25,000-square feet) Aman Spa at Amangiri is a vast complex of stone, water features and streams of light, offering a number of unique treatment venues. The Water Pavilion features a steam room, a dry sauna and a cold plunge pool and the Floatation Pavilion offers colour therapy-enhanced floatation treatments. The Spa offers single and double treatment rooms in addition to two outdoor treatment terraces with spectacular views of the mesas.

swimming pool

The swimming pool is set within a sunken courtyard framed by the Pavilion and rock escarpment. It wraps around the rock to finish with a hot tub that sits at the base of a rock wall. The lounging terrace that surrounds the pool features king-sized daybeds, some of which appear to float on the water, and pairs of sun-loungers. Adjacent to the hot tub is the Campfire Pavilion which faces inwards. Warmed by a fire during winter, it is an inviting nook for lounging and relaxing.

Amangiri Amangiri

desert lounge

Located beyond the Pavilion, the Desert Lounge is an open-air living room featuring a series of loose furniture pieces that can be grouped together or separated for privacy. It is a special place to enjoy the beauty of the sunset and lighting levels are kept low at night to reveal the star-lit sky.


Getting There:

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