Hacienda Temozon

Blue hour, Hacienda Temozon, Yucatan

The Hacienda was built 300 hundred years ago on top of a Mayan ceremonial center and reached its peak in the 19th century. In this period it became one of the world leading producers of sisal.

The sisal is an agave from which a fiber is extracted and used to make twine, rope even dart boards.

By the 1950’s sisal was no longer the main crop of the area and the Hacienda closed down.

The hotel is surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden.

The fountain fed pool is glorious and features 4 column raising from the water.

The incredible pool, Hacienda Temozon, Yucatan

At the end of the pool the old ‘factory’ and part of the machinery are still visible.

The feel throughout the property is a Garcia Marquez meets luxury of a bygone era.

The restaurant overlooking the pool, the Yucatecan restaurant, Casa Principal, blends European and Mexican cuisine in the traditional manner of the region, to produce spicy organic dishes and a range of marmalades and jams.

You can have quirky private dinner in a romantic setting, ask the staff to set up a candlelit table in the gardens or one of the Hacienda’s tumbledown buildings.

Last orders at Casa Principal’s ovens stop at 10.30pm, when the bar closes too.

Room service meals can be served in-room during restaurant hours.

The hotel’s little bar, Gárgolas, is a quiet spot for enjoying views of the garden over a tamarind margarita. It’s especially attractive when the Hacienda’s illuminated at night.

Hacienda Temozon, Yucatan


  • Heliport
  • spa
  • library
  • tennis court
  • pool table
  • TV room
  • free WiFi in the main buildings.
  • In rooms: CD/MP3 player, hammock, minibar.

The SPA:

The massage treatments offered at Hacienda Temozon include: Mayan Massage, Aloe Vera Massage, Sobada Massage, Relaxing Massage, Anti-Stress Massage, Yin & Yang Massage, Foot Massage, Feet & Leg Tension Relief, Sports Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Shoulder, Back & Neck Massage, Seaweed Wrap, Clay Body Wrap, Aromatherapy Body Scrub, Luxury Body Scrub, Hol-Be Body Scrub, The Veil of the Bride, Luxury Facial, and the Imperial Facial.

The different massages are designed to do different things – they each have their own special properties and purposes. These include: deep relaxation, nurture and heal sunburned skin, loosen and soothe tight muscles, recover tranquility and lost energy, achieve balance and harmony, activate energy channels, prevent or liberate muscle pain, relieve deep or chronic tension, detoxify and revitalize your whole being, remove dead skin cells, and nurture and hydrate your skin. Many of these massages are just what the doctor ordered after a day spent at the pyramids and traipsing around the Yucatán in our tropical climate.

For your spa treatment you can choose between the spa in the ancient hacienda building, or the cool, refreshing cenote that is located on the property. Cenotes are natural, crystalline clear water pools in caves. Candlelight, flower petals and a variety of enticing aromas make the spa setting a relaxing and inviting one. Prices range from $55 US to $130.

Getting there:

KM 182 Carretera Merida-UxmalTemozon Sur, Yucatan 97825 Mexico

Phone: (52)(999) 923 8089

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