Monte Alban

Monte Alban, Oaxaca

Monte Alban is situated SW of the City of Oaxaca, 30 minutes by car.

It’s a massive pre-Colulombian archeological complex.

The nearest municipality is Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán.

The city was founded around 500 BC which makes it one of the oldest Mesoamerican sites.

It’s considered one of the most important socio-political and economic centers for the Zapotec civilization for close to a thousand years.

You will most likely visit Monte Alban while staying in Oaxaca. The most comfortable way to get to it is to arrange a half a day trip using a regular taxi booked from the hotel. The taxi fares are very low and can be negotiated in hour blocks.

If you like your driver ask him if he will be available to take to other nearby locations in the next days.

If you’re driving a rental car, you will find a huge parking space at the entrance of the site.

The sheer size of the site and it’s location with 360 degrees view of the surrounding valleys make Monte Alban one of the ‘not to be missed’ destinations, when visiting Oaxaca.

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