Hotel Alfonso XIII, Sevilla

After leaving Andalusia, one of the things we missed the most was the Alfonso XIII. The hotel is the quintessential old Europe, featuring great warm service, luxurious home away from home. It’s the exact opposite of modern and trendy boutique hotels.

Definitely not a party place, but a great place where you get to relax without being annoyed by loud music in common spaces, where you can actually take a nap around the pool and where you can enjoy spectacular local food.

Gallery Hotel Alfonso XIII, Sevilla

Our room was perfect and featured a terrace with views of Sevilla.

The construction of the building, designed by architect José Espiau y Muñoz, begun in 1916. The place was inaugurated in April 1929 by King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenia.

The Hotel currently offers 4 restaurants:
The San Fernando, on the patio and gallery area,
The Taifas, inspired by Lebanese cuisine
Ena, on the terrace
and the Bar Americano

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